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Luxury Comforter Sets

The Domestic Bin always has a wide variety of the finest quality comforter sets from exceptional well known manufacturers.  We personally select the most appealing styles from each of our manufacturers, in order to our customers the greatest choice in style, quality and price, with a set to fit virtually any room decor.

We are currently featuring a new collection of very high quality, luxurious comforter sets from Modern Living™ a new brand just introduced by Westpoint Home™.  Westpoint Home is the parent company of such prestigious name brands as Martex, Utical, Ralph Lauren, Izod,  Southern Living,  Vellux and many more well known home decor brands.  Modern Living comforter sets have been positioned at the upper end of these quality brands, so you can be assured that the styling, quality and workmanship will be consistent with the reputation that these famous brands have always maintained.


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