Kids Character Bedding

Three Reasons to Buy Your Kids Character Bedding

It’s happened. Your child is so enamored with a character that they believe they may have met their first lifelong friend. They want to dress like them, eat like them, and look like them. Not to mention, purchase everything they can find with their image on it. 

While a room full of Sponge Bob may not have been your vision, kids are only kids once. And, it’s entirely possible to decorate tastefully while including the kids character bedding of your little one’s dreams.

Bedtime Boost
From ages three to five, toddler character bedding can be an encouragement in getting your sleepy child to go to bed. While they may not look forward to being in their bed alone, they might warm up to the thought of sleeping with their favorite character.


Personal Preferences
Today’s character bedding for girls and boys is a higher quality than what was available in the past. Allowing your children to play a part in decorating their own room will make them feel like it’s truly a space of their own. A space in your home where they will feel like their personality is center stage. 

Help them create a dream room with kids character bedding that expresses their personality and favorite things. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much more willing they will be to sleep in their own space.

Designer Details
Worried about that novelty overwhelming the room? Character bedding for boys doesn’t have to mean an entire room of tractors, just as girls character bedding doesn’t have to mean an explosion of princesses. Try these designer tips:

  • Layer the bed with solid colors that coordinate with and complement the novelty.
  • Use window treatments in solid colors that coordinate with the novelty.
  • Use lamps and nightlights that align with the theme, but are more sophisticated.
  • Use background items (such as storage) in a more simple design.

Bedding is a great way to create a fun statement, include your child’s preferences, and encourage their uniqueness without spending a lot of money. If your child is crazy over his favorite character, let him bond. Secretly, you’ll be his favorite for doing so.

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