Designer Kids Bedding

Styling Your Child’s Room with Designer Kids Bedding 

Decorating your child’s room can be one of the most fun areas you’ll get to design in your entire home. Finding just the right theme to match your child’s personality is becoming easier as today’s market offers a wide variety of high styled themes for budgets of all sizes. 
Designer kids bedding is a great option if you are looking for something that will last longer, or through a certain period of your child’s life. This type of bedding is styled around lifestyle themes that are meant to last several years while creating a more tailored look. For the most part, your child’s preferences and personality will warrant changing their bedding every three to four years.
Personality and Preferences
As your child grows, their personal preferences will matter more and more to them. They’ll want their ideas to be considered in the designing of their room as well. From the ages of three to six, kids character bedding may play a larger role than you think in helping to keep your child in bed. While, older children will long for a place that reflects their personality but allows for change.
Typical personality and preference stages change every three to four years. 
Infant to two—have fun with it. This is the time to choose the designer baby bedding you want for your child. Dream big and design with wild abandon.
Three to six—get them involved. This age is the most difficult to keep children in their own beds at night. Allowing them a say in how their room is decorated can go a long way in keeping them in place at night.
Seven to Ten—let them express their individuality. This is a tender age for kids as they begin to be more influenced by the outside world. Let them begin to explore their likes and dislikes in the safety of your home. You might be surprised with the things you learn about them.
Eleven to fourteen—let them spread their wings. Expression is one way kids begin to move away from their parents and make their mark on the world. While you may find that your daughter is more interested in designer girls bedding than your son is in his, offer the option anyway. Give them a little freedom, or let them join in the process of decorating so their space becomes a safe place that they enjoy.
Fifteen to eighteen—let them show you who they are. Most teenagers feel misunderstood by their parents. Letting them have the majority of say in decorating their room will not only show your trust, but that you value their opinion and appreciate their individuality. It’s more important to them than you may think.
Decorating a room with designer kids bedding can be a fun and eye opening experience for you and your child. Not only will you learn about working together, you’ll also build trust and an understanding of where you differ, and where you come together. 
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