Bring the outdoors into your bedroom

Do you love the spring time with new flowers blooming? Have you thought about bringing it inside? Why not bring the floral prints into your bedroom so you can be surrounded by flowers as you relax and sleep.

Floral looks are popular for the invigorating color and cheery designs they add to a room. There may be no better way to say goodbye to the cold chill of winter than to relax in your bedroom with the look of spring all around you. Most floral patterns feature a range of shades and colors that coordinate easily with a variety of solids, plaids, and stripes.

If you'd love to have a garden room in your home, here are some tips on using strong floral patterns inside.

  • Look for florals that will coordinate with colors you may already be using in your home. With dark green carpeting, a floral with pretty green leaves will fit in well. If you have tan carpeting or just prefer a more neutral look, some of the tea-stained floral designs may be perfect.
  • Balance strong patterns with liberal amounts of plain surfaces, on walls, floors, sheets, or curtains. Strong florals are beautiful and sometimes a little can go a long way. Using plain backgrounds will also give you flexibility in updating your accessories from time to time.
  • An easy way to construct a color scheme is to choose the background color of a floral pattern for the paint color of the room.
  • The secondary color will be a pleasing mid-tone that might be used for carpeting, bedskirts, pillows, upholstery, and trims.
  • The third color is often a brighter accent color. Use this color in smaller accessories, trims, and accents throughout the room -- in pictures, vases, small boxes, welting, pillows, tie-backs, chair seats.
  • Repeat fabrics within the room so the patterns are seen throughout the room. For example, if your bed is dressed in a pretty floral, add a floral runner on your dresser, a floral pillow to a plain chair.
  • Look for artwork that includes floral themes.
Posted: September 17, 2011 at 12:36 PM | Tagged as: Decorating Tips
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