What kind of tools do I need to start painting a room?

Any time that you are painting you will need the right tools because they will make all the difference. You will need to have a roller for open areas and a brush for painting around trim and windows. Textured walls will need a different roller.

Another tool that would come in handy is a paint-edger kit. It's a mini-roller with a brush guard that lines up with woodwork and trim. It allows you to paint close to the trim without actually painting the trim. It makes your job so much easier.

Painter’s tape is typically blue and you would put it on anything that you don’t want painted. You may put it on trim work so that you don’t get paint on it. You would also use the tape if you were doing any stripes on the wall or any other decorative element that involves a straight line.

You will also need some of the other basics such as paint trays, a paint stick so that you can stir the paint, a hammer to close the paint can, a flat head screw driver to open the paint can, drop cloths or plastic so you don’t get paint on the furniture or the carpet. Depending on how high your walls are you may need a ladder and extension pole for the paint roller.
Posted: September 22, 2009 at 2:19 PM | Tagged as: Decorating Tips
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