Choosing a Mattress Pad and Mattress Cover

Purchasing a new mattress means it’s time to search for a way to protect it, so it will last longer. Mattresses are an eight to 10 year investment, and most Americans spend one-third of their lives in bed.

DomesticBin offers cotton and waterproof mattress protectors to fit your individual needs.

Difference: Covers and Pad

Yes, there is a difference between mattress covers and mattress pads.

Mattress covers are designed to fit the entire mattress and keep liquids from absorbing into the mattress, plus they reduce entry points for dust mites. And that’s always a good thing.

Many covers are zippered models; however, the tuck-under versions -- similar to a fitted sheet -- are still quite popular. Covers are available in waterproof and cotton finishes. For warmer climates, cotton fabrics offer a lighter, breathable feeling versus the waterproof plastic that’s great for any bladder issues.

Multiple Mattress Protection Sizes

Mattress covers and pads come in all sizes and a variety of finishes. At Domestic Bin, we offer extra-deep, waterproof, foam, expand-a-grip, cotton, extra-long twin, college, dorm, poly-cotton zippered covers, viso-elastic smart foam, wool and twin mattress protectors.

Allergy Symptoms?

Folks with allergy symptoms can find relief with zippered mattress covers, because the zippered cover encases from dust-related allergens. After selecting a mattress cover, consider a mattress pad. A mattress pad is generally made from a thicker padding to provide extra comfort and protect the mattress. A variety of thicknesses are available to provide an optimal nights sleep.

Domestic Bin is a leading online bedding retailer, and offers great prices on the highest quality mattress pads and mattress covers you’ll find anywhere.

Check out our mattress covers and mattress pads and find one that fits your bed at

Posted: October 29, 2012 at 9:26 AM
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