Using Wall Mirrors

How can decorative wall mirrors be useful as well as add beauty to your home? Start by counting the number of wall mirrors you have in your home. Are you surprised by that number? While we take them for granted, decorative

wall mirrors should be among your most important and useful home decor. Here are some ways to use wall mirrors in your home decor.

Place a wall mirror on the back wall at the end of a short hallway or even a stairway to make it appear longer. If you want a stairway or hallway to appear wider, try several mirrors at various heights on either side.

Instead of traditional artwork behind a sofa use a collection of mirrors– hang smaller mirrors around a larger mirror for a unique, eclectic look.

Decorative wall mirrors can be found in many unique frames. White, distressed wood frames will complement the shabby chic look while matching small-framed mirrors will complement a more modern interior. If your decor includes several antiques, choose mirrors with comparable antique-style frames, such as gold leaf.

Since mirrors reflect light don’t forget to combine them with candlelight for a dramatic look. Placing a mirror behind a candleholder will reflect the candlelight and add ambiance to a room.

Don’t place them so they reflect a cluttered area. Make sure you are placing them across from a source of light or a window.

A decorative wall mirror is needed for the entry way of your home.

As you can see, decorative wall mirrors are a simple, effective choice for your home decor. They add that special touch to a room and are useful at the same time.

Posted: November 25, 2009 at 11:37 AM | Tagged as: Decorating Tips
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