Father's Day Gift Ideas

Growing up I remember the popular gift for dads on Father's Day was the infamous tie. As I get older I realize that a father can only have so many ties in his closet. This is especially bad for a dad who does't wear ties. So now you need to find new and creative gift ideas each year.

If you have a sports fanatic type of dad then getting him anything with his favorite team's logo on it would be ideal. Maybe he has a room for his favorite college or professional team. Maybe he likes a certain sport like football, baseball, hockey, racing or basketball. You could get him a wall clock, a comforter, or a pillow.

If your dad is a military hero or history buff then he might enjoy a throw, wall hanging or decorative pillow with his favorite military branch.

For the new dad, a new robe would be good. This way he can relax and feel like he is king of his castle atleast for a day.

Try one of these ideas for your dad instead of the easy gift of a tie. You just might surprise him.

Posted: May 12, 2009 at 3:16 PM | Tagged as: Gift Ideas, Licensed Sports, Travelling in Comfort
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