Why Choose Satin Sheets?

Charmeuse Satin, often referred to as Lingerie Satin, is virtually indistinguishable from silk. It has the same sumptuous smooth feel against the skin and luxurious appearance as silk, and also delivers a unique tactile experience of softness and coolness combined. The liquid coolness on the skin make satin sheets the perfect bed cover for warmer weather or those who tend to get warm while they sleep.
Satin pillowcases are a must-have for those of you that want to greet the day without pillow-marks or bed head. Hair simply slides over the pillow surface reducing breakage, matting, and dryness and the smooth wrinkle free surface also means no wrinkles or your face.
While they are elegant in appearance, caring for these sheets couldn’t be easier. They are machine washable and wrinkle-free so you simply wash, dry, and enjoy.

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Posted: March 14, 2012 at 9:54 AM | Tagged as: Fabrics and Textiles
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