Decorating Styles

When decorating, you'll find that your tastes in furniture, accents and colors will converge into a specific style. Here are some of the more common styles and their definitions.

Rustic furniture is commonly a simple style that is typical of country life. Generally made from hardwoods it is often un- or roughly finished.

A truly personalized decorating style that combines furniture and accessories of various styles, textures, origins, and periods.

Traditionally styled furniture has a classic, elegant, and formal look. Comprised of dark polished woods, curves, carvings and deep, rich color, a traditional style typically follows a particular period fashion such as Regency, Tudor, or French Provincial.

Is a sunny, casual, heart-warming style of d├ęcor. Gingham and floral cottons, distressed and painted woods, ruffles, plump cushions and sofas, and soft furniture of pine and oak are hallmarks of this style.

Contemporary style lends a modern look to a room with clean lines, simple contours and bold colors as primary features. Glass, leather, slate and metal are typical components of often-uncomplicated pieces. You'll find that we carry many items that will accent whatever style or taste you may like. We carry kitchen items, lamps, wall art, and pillows to accent any room.
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