Summer Solstice - Summer Vacation

Summer Solstice is today which means it's the official start of summer. With that in mind people are getting vacation plans together. Where are you traveling this summer? If you are going to the beach then remember a few things you'll definitely need for your trip.

Sunscreen - you don't want to get burned and then not have a good time.

Bathing Suits - for the pool and ocean activities.

Beach Towels are a must when going to the beach or anywhere that has a pool for vacation. Domestic Bin has great beach towels for kids and adults. All kinds of different styles to choose from. We offer the finest quality beach towels made. All the adult towels have been designed and manufactured specifically for the adult beach towel market and are not to be confused with smaller lighter weight towels intended for children.

Where ever you go for vacation this year, remember to plan for the best time.
Posted: June 20, 2012 at 3:12 PM | Tagged as: Licensed Sports
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