How to Stay Cozy-Warm on Winter Nights By Choosing the Right Blanket, Coverlet or Throw

How to Stay Cozy-Warm on Winter Nights By Choosing the Right Blanket, Coverlet or Throw

As the temperatures dip, it’s an automatic response to reach for a blanket, coverlet or throw to stay warm and cozy. Whether lounging in the family room or settling in for the night, you’ll want to have the right type of cover nearby. 

These tips will help you select the best blanket, coverlet or throw for your needs.

About Blankets

Blankets are large, oblong pieces of woven fabric and can be made of a synthetic poly-blend or a natural fiber like cotton, hemp or wool.  A blanket is  thicker than a coverlet and throw, and are usually much larger than throws.  Blankets and coverlets, both come in standard bed sizes: twin, full, queen and king sizes because they are usually used as bed linens.

Warmest Blankets Choices

A conventional weave blanket is the best for warmth and insulation. Its tightly woven fibers, usually made of synthetic or wool, trap air beneath the blanket against the body.

About Coverlets

Generally made of lighter fabrics, coverlets encase a duvet as a decorative finish for a bed. Coverlets are great for warmer climates or summer months when a light covering is needed for warmth.
When comparing coverlet sizes to blankets, it’s important to note that coverlets do not usually cover an entire bed, falling short of the pillow and top of the bed skirt areas. For a traditional covering size, coverlet measurements should include the area of the bed and the mattress depth -- including any pad or enhancers.

About Throws
When it comes to throws, the biggest difference is the size.  Blankets and coverlets are much larger.  Throws typically measure 50 in. x 60 in., and some are super-sized to accommodate two -- measuring approximately 50 in. x 70 in. Throws are thought of a casual, go-to-cover-ups to insulate from a slight chill. Many people decorate with them artfully “thrown” over a sofa edge.

Wearable Cover-Ups
Thanks to a late-night TV infomercials, most are familiar with the snuggle-type-blanket that resembles a backward bathrobe known as the Snuggie or Slanket.  The wearable cover-ups offer freedom to use your hands, and stay warm at the same time. Domestic Bin offers a wide variety wearable cover-ups, many featuring favorite sports teams.

Shop for some great blanket ideas for kids and grown-ups

Posted: January 15, 2013 at 8:56 AM
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