New Domestic Bin Website is Live

We have just went live with our new Domestic Bin website and there are some really cool changes that you'll notice.

First in the upper right hand corner there's a shopping cart which tells you how many items are currently in your cart.

Then you'll notice out collections pages where you'll be able to go right to your favorite collection like Bobby Jack Burst My Bubble, or Harley Davidson Racing Flag Bedding, John Deere Traditional  and many more. Once you are on the collection page you'll see all of the items in this collection so you can purchase all of the
bedding and accessories to make over your entire room.

Now you are on the product page you'll also notice there are additional images for some of the products. This allows us to give you more detail about the product so you can feel like you are right in the store picking it out. The Classic Avatar Bedding Ensembles Comforter is a great example where you will see additional images of the bedding from this great movie.

You will also be able to see what you have recently viewed so you can go back to any product that you want to take a second look at and add to your cart. You'll also see other items you might be interested in that compliment what you are looking at.

You will also notice that we have incorporated customer reviews on our products so that you will have the best
knowledge from other customers who have bought the same products. If you have bought one of these products please feel free to come to the site and write a review to help other customers.

We have added social networking buttons to the product pages so that you can share the product on Facebook and Twitter as well as other social network sites.

We also have a drop down for Shop by Brand where you can pull down to your favorite brands like:
Dan River
Fisher Price
JoJo Designs
Harley Davidson

Come check out our new website and let us know what you think.

Posted: January 26, 2012 at 10:24 AM | Tagged as: Promotions
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