G.I. Joe Bedding for your little boy

GI Joe the Real American Hero is back!! G.I. Joe stands for "General Issue Joe".

In 1963, noting the commercial success of the Barbie doll for girls, Stan Weston, came up with the idea of a Barbie-like line with a military theme that would be marketed to boys. The prototypes were originally named "Rocky" (the marine/soldier) "Skip" (the sailor) and "Ace" (the pilot), before Don Levine, inspired by the 1945 film The Story of G.I. Joe, decided on the generic name G.I. Joe. The line was launched, on February 2, 1964, with a World War II theme. The G.I. Joe figures were originally four figures, one to represent each branch of the Armed Forces.

Today G.I. Joe is still very popular with little boys and especially those with parents in the military. Make your little boy's room into a GI Joe the Real American Hero jungle with camo wall border, lamps, toy box, rocker, and desk along with the bedding.

Posted: January 10, 2010 at 5:39 PM | Tagged as: Decorating, Decorating kids rooms
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