More Questions about Duvets and Duvet Covers

How do I know if the duvet will fit inside the duvet cover? Always look at measurements rather than size name when matching dimensions. Suppliers vary in their definitions of bedding products. It is best to have no more than 1"-2" difference between duvet and duvet cover dimensions. This will reduce bunching and provide a much better fit.

How do I determine whether down or poly insert duvets are best? There are benefits and drawbacks to both. Down provides softness and warmth yet can bunch and be more expensive. Poly inserts provide a cleaner look with less bunching but are not as soft. To incorporate the best of both worlds, a poly insert can be placed inside the duvet cover and a down comforter used underneath for sleeping.

How is a duvet cover unclosed? Duvet covers have zipper, button or snap enclosures. Each style listed will indicate how it is enclosed.
Posted: February 03, 2010 at 10:53 AM | Tagged as: Bedspreads, Duvets & Comforters
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