How To Pick Your Bed Sheets

There’s a lot of things that come into play when you are deciding on bed linens. It used to be all about thread-count, but now there are more things that you need to look at, like the finish and the hand. All three of these make your linens a complete package.

What sheets feel like on your skin is called the hand or handle. It has something to do with thread-count but more to do with the way it’s woven and what’s in the fabric.  The characteristics of a sheet include how it drapes, elasticity, softness and how fine it feels. The finish is how it will feel to the skin whether natural or smooth. Thread-count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric both horizontal and vertical.

Sometimes, you pick up a sheet, and it may be a 200 thread count, yet the feel of it is ultra soft, and you just melt when you feel it. It’s OK to choose a lower thread-count, because it may not have the same feel. It depends on what’s most important to you.

Popular Types of Sheets
When shopping for new sheets, you’ll find lots of different options. It’s a good idea to get an overview of what the options can do for you.

Quick Tips For Sheet Shopping
Polyester/cotton blend – few or no wrinkles
Cotton sateen weave – for the feel of satin or silk but you won’t slide off the bed
Flannel – it’s warm and pills quickly
Percale – softens as it is washed often and is very cool feeling
Egyptian and supima cotton – becomes softer after each wash

Egyptian Cotton
This cotton comes from Egypt in the Nile River Valley. It is considered to the best cotton in the world. It uses the strongest and longest fibers giving you the softest feel possible. Many high-end designers use Egyptian cotton in their top quality linens. We recommend the Egyptian cotton as a fabric that you won’t forget.

What is Percale
Percale describes the weave of the fabric and tightness of the weave. It typically is a softer and stronger cloth that gives you a smooth feel to the touch. Percale fabrics start at 180 threads per square inch. However, many designers tend to use a higher thread-count percale for their bedding.

Flannel Sheets for Those Cold Winter Nights
It is turning into winter quickly in some parts of the country who are getting snow already. It's time for you to change the sheets on your bed from your cool summer sheets to flannel sheets. Flannel sheets add that warmth that you need for the winter season. They are ultra soft and make you just want to slip under the covers when that alarm clock goes off.

Three-Fourths Bed Sheets
A three-fourths bed is a general term for beds less than a full-size, but larger than a twin-size or single, some also refer to it as a super-single-size bed. Years ago, beds were made individually before mass production, so the standardization was not set. Each three-fourths bed is unique; the size can vary a few inches. The general measurement for a three-fourths bed is 48 inches by 72 inches. Regardless of what size, finish or thread-count you’re searching for, Domestic Bin has a perfect set of sheets waiting for you.

Posted: December 18, 2012 at 10:51 AM
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