Fall Trip to Disney World – Picking the Hotel

I had never been to Disney World as a child so I finally got to go this fall as an adult. The fall is the best time to go since it’s less crowded, not as hot weather, and cheaper rates. October is a fun month down there because they decorate the parks in fall colors and have Halloween parties where everyone’s in costumes. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is everyone’s top pick at Magic Kingdom so if you plan to go down in October then have your Halloween costume ready.

We decided to stay at a Disney resort property for a few reasons. First they have what’s called the Disney Magical Express which picks you up from the airport and takes you to your resort and they bring your luggage to your room later that day. You have no worries – just board the bus and they take care of the rest. The Disney Magical Express works the same way in reverse when you leave to go home. They check your luggage in with the airline right at the resort, give you your tickets and hold your carry-on luggage until you’re ready to leave for the airport.
Second reason is because from any of the Disney Resorts you can take the bus, monorail, or boat from your hotel to the park of your choice and then go back the way you came. With these types of services you don’t need to rent a car unless you leave the resort but it’s Disney so why would you leave?
Third reason is food. We booked through AAA and this allowed us to purchase the Disney Dining plan. All of the food down there costs an arm and a leg but having the dining plan helps because you can financially plan your meals since it’s included in your plan. That’s less of a worry when you talk about $20-$30 for dinner every night for each person in your plan. With the dining plan you receive a soft drink, meal and dessert of your choice so it’s plenty of food to keep you full throughout the day.
We decided to book out stay at the Disney's All-Star Movies Resort. We stayed in the Love Bug buildings where we got to see Herbie. There was also Fantasia, Toy Story, and 101 Dalmations buildings. This resort is one of the cheaper properties but there’s tons of fun to be had there. They have a food court so you have food options at any point and there’s even a poolside bar for adults.

We transferred to the Grand Floridian Hotel for a couple of nights during our stay. This hotel is beautiful and would be hard for a larger family to afford on a budget but you should go to see the resort while you’re there. It’s old fashioned where only men are bell hops and they assist you in anything you need. They will drive you in the golf cart to your building where you will stay under a red roof. The pool is open 24 hours and you are so close to Magic Kingdom that you can see the Cinderella’s Castle and hear the parades and shows.

Posted: December 28, 2011 at 11:00 AM | Tagged as: Decorating kids rooms
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