Fabric and Texture definitions

Ever wonder what they mean by percale, twill, or two ply and single ply? Here's some information to help you figure out how these differ.

Applique is a decorative detail usually of a different fabric sewn onto a larger cloth.

Embellished is also a decorative detail either sewn on or embroidered onto a larger cloth.

Jacquard is an intricate weave that creates tapestries, brocades, and damask.

Percale is a plain weave of cotton made from closely woven yarns.

Pile fabric has a cut or uncut height to it creating a soft, velvety raised surface.

Piquet is a medium weight fabric that usually consists of small honeycomb or waffle patterns.

Quilt is a fabric that is hand or machine stitched in layers of fabric with a filling material in-between. Fillings are usually cotton batting, wool, down or synthetic fiberfill.

Sateen is a shiny and lustrous fabric usually made of cotton woven to imitate satin.

Twill is a woven cloth of usually double threads and has the appearance of diagonal lines or ribs.

Two ply and Single ply are yarns that mare made by twisting together. Two ply is with two yarns and single ply is with one yarn.

Yarn dyed is when color is applied to the yarns before they are produced into fabrics.

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