Decorating for your new baby

As soon as most mothers-to-be find out they are pregnant, ideas for decorating the baby’s nursery seem to come from nearly everywhere! The key is figuring out what style you want to decorate in. Long gone are the days where a nursery was pink, blue, or yellow and there were just a few bedding and furniture choices. Styles range from whimsical, cute, sleek, modern, trendy, and traditional. But before making any style decision, I knew I needed something safe and functional for this important new person in our family.

First things first, ensure the product is safe! Before starting to plan your nursery, be sure to review guidelines from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) at Your baby’s bedding should also be in compliance with all current safety standards including the tightened regulations in the recently enacted Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). At DomesticBin, their suppliers ensure the products have been tested at and been approved by Consumer Product Safety Commission testing facilities. And that all products comply with the new standards set forth by the CPSIA. Don’t worry, these suppliers are experts and ensure that the products are also safe, durable, and comfortable for your baby.

Next you must figure out what your style you want to choose for your nursery. From traditional, playful , cutesy or sleek, to ultra-modern, baby crib bedding has never been more diverse. Character themes are always very popular. From more traditional character themes like Winne-the- Pooh or  Hello Kitty, to the more modern Disney’s Cars, character bedding is  in high demand right now. Themed bedding  can easily transition into toddler bedding; a great idea for the budget-conscience consumer!

DomesticBin also offers quite a few quilt sets. These popular designs bridge the gap between cute and sophisticated. By using a quilt design, your child’s nursery will be kid-friendly (and aesthetically pleasing for adults!)  for years to come. Many quilt sets are gender neutral for those who do not know if they’re having a boy or a girl, or for those parents just starting their family who intend on having more children. Quilts will stay in style for generations!

But if neither characters nor quilts are your style, don’t worry. Today’s crib bedding has gone ultra-modern and sophisticated with bright colored geometric shapes, sleek stripes, and animal prints. These designs are Mom-friendly and children will love them as well. These ultra modern styles seamlessly transition for older children, again a plus for the budget minded consumer.

These are the many reasons to continue your nursery bedding and accessory search with DomesticBin. Their vast selection, including all the accessories are high quality, name brand, and reasonably priced. You are sure to find what you want without sacrificing safety and style.

Posted: August 16, 2012 at 9:21 AM
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