What is Mattelasse?

Matelassé is French pronounced “mat-luh-say” and in English it means quilted, padded, or cushioned. While traditional matelassé fabrics were hand-quilted in the traditional Marseilles style, modern versions are machine made and use complex weave structures to create the same beautiful textured designs that were achieved by traditional Marseilles type handmade quilts of France.

These bedspreads were made popular during the Victorian era but they are still popular today and found in a variety of styles and patterns. The great thing about mattelassé fabrics is that the can be very elegant yet are typically made out of 100% cotton and are favored because of their comfortable design that seems to improve with every washing. Mattelasse is a favorite for shabby chic, French Provincial, and classic décor but because of its subtle designs and solid colors it adds a unique touch to any décor.

Domestic Bin carries the new matelassé collection by Maine Heritage Weavers.
Posted: April 03, 2012 at 12:09 PM | Tagged as: Bedspreads, Duvets & Comforters
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